Pass Thru

A Neil Breen Film

Artificial Intelligence from far into the future arrives to immediately CLEANSE the human species of millions of humans who are harmful to other humans. A VISIONARY, REVOLUTIONARY FILM which pushes the human species to the limits of controversial, thought-provoking actions.

Pass Thru Poster
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  • Science Fiction Genre. 1 hour & 30 minutes.
  • This is Neil Breen's 4th Theatrical Feature Film as writer, producer, director and actor.
    It's theatrical run was from April thru August 2016 in many theatre in the USA and Canada.
  • Reviews and theatre audience comments (2016) see below
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  • Theatres were "Sold Out" in Los Angeles, Toronto, Boston, Chicago ...
  • Made in the USA. In English. No subtitles. No artwork.

Audience Comments

  • "We loved it"

  • "We all cheered constantly"

  • "We gave it a standing ovation"

  • "Wonderful, Inspired, Amazing Visionary"

  • "A film 'event' for all"

  • "A blast, we had a great time"

  • "Fantastic, a big screen film"

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